Monday, September 10, 2007


My project the last few days, making BabyLegs using this tutorial. They are baby legwarmers made from women's tube socks. Regularly $12-15 online but you can make them for a couple bucks. They come in handy in the cooler months and also when baby starts crawling to protect their knees.

N woke up at 10:30 am this morning which is a little early for her. C went down to lay down with her and I suppose he woke her up. He can't wait for her to wake up in the morning.

Yesterday we went to a giant park about 20 miles from here. I got a couple good pics I'll post after I have a chance to edit.

N is over 15 lbs now. That's an amazing 8 pound gain in 14 weeks. She's sitting up really well. Really well for a 3 month old anyway. She's mastered her hand control recently and is loving the grabbing and reaching and touching. She's spilled my drink a couple times this week. She's out of the newborn stage and is now loving some playtime, belly time and brother time.

C lost 4.5 pounds this month. We've been trying to get him to exercise more. He's over the 100th percentile for weight and at about the 60th percentile for height. According to the charts (which don't mean much) he was 20 lbs overweight. That's a lot for a five year old.

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anut johny said...

Great pics and they are growing up so fast love it! ps happy belated birthday jessie!