Wednesday, July 02, 2014

6 Year Dreadlock Birthday

Happy 6 years hair.  Here is an extensive timeline of my dreadlock journey.

Dreadlocks require quite a lot of time to mature. Looking back mine didn't really appear mature until the second year.  Sometimes I miss that first year when my little baby dreads were soft and I still had my curly hair. 

 Before.  In my homebirth fishy pool 41 weeks pregnant.

Day 1

The beginning.  Short hair.  I liked this haircut.  2008

My dreads are "natural" or "neglect" meaning I just stopped brushing and using conditioner. I let it do what it wanted.  It started locking up within a couple months on its own. This method takes a lot longer than sectioning and back combing but I didn't want perfect sections. 

Aww, a baby dreadlet.  

My hair has been bleached a lot, to get the red to show up bright.  This is pretty hard on dreads.

I've had some bright and wild colors, two and three colors at a time a PITA.

And then it fades and I start thinking I'm really not into the bright thing anymore.  

Then we move into the camper and I stop wearing shoes, I have no keys or a driver's license and I only eat raw kale and all hell breaks loose (on my hair).

Eventually I got it all fixed up and dyed again.  

You can see the ends of the dreads aren't knotted up.  This is called having "tails".  The alternative is to knot up and round off the ends so they look like sausages.  I call them dread sausages and I do like them on other people. I eventually did use a crochet hook to round off most of my ends but it didn't really take and that's fine because I prefer tails.  

I get to wear all sorts of things.  I like bright colored embroidery floss.  Here you see a shell and a piece of drift wood crafted into a dread bead with wire.  Those were from the northern California beaches.  Reminds me of the most amazing time we spent living on the west coast, beach combing every day.  Also a wood bead and a silver cuff which was for tapered ears originally.  Wow look at those bumpy dreads!

Or how about some hand blown swirled glass beads with your kids' first initial on them?

Then I got pregnant, didn't do a thing with my hair for about 7 months.  It was looking pretty "natural" by the time I had him.  I got it cleaned up though.  It took several sessions and some scissors and lots of palm rolling.  Lucky my hubby does a lot of that for me including the dying.

I stopped the high volume bleaching so it's much darker here.  You can see lots of my ends aren't taking to the rounding off.  Even after 3.5 years I still have a few spots of hair that aren't dreaded and lots of time hairs around the hairline never incorporate into the dreads.  In fact a new baby dread was formed just a few months ago!  

The best thing about dreads is the giant dread bun.  Seriously.  The kind that makes you take the head rest off in the car so you can drive.  Buying hats is a problem.

Somewhere around 4 years I stop using hair dye, went back to veggie dye briefly and then henna only.  Hubby decides he likes to make me dread decorations.

 4 years old

Wedding dreads

 5 years old; getting longer! This is what I have waited for.

Look at those tails and that texture.

Ruff Ruff  Rasta Dog

 I have reached coveted butt length status.  Happy 6th birthday you heavy hot ass bastards.

This is the only hair style I've ever had that made me happy.   I have no plans to get rid of them.

Frequently asked questions:
I usually wear shoes now and we live in a real house!  I'm not a dirty hippie.  I don't listen to Phish and I'm really not that big into hooping.

I eat meat.

I don't smoke pot or any other drugs or hang out at music festivals.

I wash my hair just as much now as I did before dreads. 

No they don't smell. There is no dirt or wax or anything else in there.  Just hair.  I have never used styling products.

It's not a spiritual thing for me.  I just think they're pretty.  It is clear than many people agree and many people disagree with me.  9 out of 10 comments I get are very positive.  When people stare I usually assume it's because I'm awesome.

I don't want to be black.  Historically, people of all colors had dreads; for example Vikings.  I have thick, wavy, textured hair which locked up with little effort.

I am not Rastafarian.  I have never listened to Bob Marley.

My scalp is fine.  I don't have any crusties or bald spots.

People with dreads do not have to shave their head.  They can be combed out. I think I would like to shave them off when the time comes.

Dreadlocks take a lot of time and effort.  They are not maintenance free however they are probably lower maintenance than  brushable hair.  I don't spend a lot of time on mine.  I could do more, and they would look tidier but my preference is dreadlocks that look more natural.  Some people prefer very natural (not washed or tidy) and some people prefer very tight and tidy. I'm in the middle.   

Friday, January 10, 2014

Deep in Winter

Winter is here and we have been more or less snowed in for two weeks.  It has been bitter cold.  It is warming up now; raining on top of all the snow.  Things will be a muddy mess very soon!  And then more snow.  A winter parfait. I'm just trying to stay on schedule, knock out as much school work as possible and stay healthy. 

6th grade today looked like this: 

Typed out 145 spelling words and emailed them to me
Tested 10 of those words at random with a 100% accuracy
Reviewed a chapter on topic and supporting sentences
Talked about Berlin and watched a youtube documentary on the Berlin Wall
You Tube: we all learned about the flu virus, where it comes from and how it invades your body
Made apple rose tarts, in the oven now!

The first grader is mostly working on learning to read with her Tag reader.  She is still in the beginning stages. 

My goals are to stay on my feet as much as possible during the day to burn more calories, continue with 35 minutes of cardio and resistance band use.   As far as "adrenal fatigue" I have found increasing my salt and coconut oil to be very helpful.  Salt is important for good sleep and is very calming.  It has no effect on my blood pressue (previous high blood pressure still in the ideal range).  Coconut oil helps me warm up when I'm feeling chilly and fatigued. I melt it in some warm milk which we get fresh.

Wouldn't you know it I developed my first cavity in over a decade a few months after I started drinking (certified organic 100% grass fed raw) milk.  Weston Price can kiss my ass.  I am so sick of the pseudoscience bs.

Although I am still working through many changes brought about when I stopped eating a vegan diet 5 months ago.  There have been many pros and cons. My cycle has disappeared, my face is prone to pimples and I don't sleep as well.  On the upside I have a great amount of energy all day long. Some days I am not sure about the trade off!

There has been an enormous amount of changes lately, not just with food.  Suffice it to say that I've traded in half of my crunchy mom points.   And that's fine because I'm not interested in being the crunchiest mom on the block or spending $300 a month on essential oils (I don't even use them much because I don't like to use chemicals).  Don't worry I'm not going to cut my dreadlocks off or anything! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Homeschool Week TWO!

Our school year started over a week ago.  My table is already full of fun completed projects.  This year has been 80% exciting and only 20% overwhelming which is a big improvement from previous years. 

I have spent the last couple weeks getting organized.  Pintrest has been my best friend this year.  I have a seperate board for each school subject so I can find them easily.  My curriculum outline is stored online at google docs. This year is 2 yo toddler, first grade and sixth grade!  That's a challenge. Each child has a three ring binder with their current works in progress.   I am lining up subjects for week long studies.  This week we did 2D and 3D projects. N has requested that she start a bug collection and a lot more science projects. 

Some of our projects
Pipe cleaner ninjas
Popsicle stick harmonicas
Ten cent talk box
Several life cycle sheets from including finding some real (dead) cicadas for our new bug collection!
Studied some stuff under the microscope.
Creatures of the creek biology study
Creating our own paper dolls
Online educational games
Reading Call of the Wild
Dinosaur workbook and flashcards which are on the $1 rack at Target (FUN!)
Jr. Rangerland game about national parks.  Ours is about the Smoky Mountains so we also listened to appalacian fiddle music while we played.
Made 3 d shapes out of straws and pipe cleaners.  We did a tetrahedron, a cube and a octaheron. 
Made 2 d shapes out of popcicle sticks.
Counted all the change in our piggy bank.
Used the book Cartooning for Kids for drawing practice.
Started our Life of Fred math books.
Practiced writing out checks and signing our name.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Healing Adrenal Fatigue

My mission for August, heal my adrenals.  My problems became noticeable 18 months ago when I started suffering from extreme fatigue.  I decided to get serious about getting back into shape after having my last baby.  I did a 100 day 100 percent raw vegan fast and lost 35 pounds plus I was working out about 30 minutes per day doing aerobics and interval training.  I spent about 8 months total on this but after the first two months I did not loose any more weight. 

I didn't feel incredible though.  Not like I had experienced before.  The workouts wiped me out and sometimes I would collapse on the couch unable to move for hours.  Little did I know I was contributing to my problem.

I have been seriously cutting out foods, especially anything starchy, sugary or fried and increasing vegetables since then and my problem has only gotten worse.  So much so that I was having serious issues functioning at all.  Drinking four cups of coffee and still feeling like I can't wake up, drinking a couple more cups and still needing to take a nap...that's what it was like.  Until I got to a point where I had cut out all chemicals in my life and could not possibly get any more nutrition in my diet and yet I was feeling worse! 

And so I ran into some literature about healing myself through eating more.  More calories, starch and salt.  What if I actually ate the number of calories I supposedly need, which is around 3400 a day?  When before I was probably struggling to get 1200 because of lack of appetite and the fact that I was filling up on veggies which have basically no calories.

I'm just learning how my symptoms are all related.  My excessive thirst because I drink lots of plain water with no salt in my diet which only makes me more thirsty.  My sudden onset of allergies and asthma after not having any issues in years and my weight gain despite eating a very limited almost 100 % vegetable diet. 

What if eating less and "better", exercising and drinking to much water is exactly how I got to be fat with a tanked out metabolism and adrenals?

And so here I am, 30 days of recovery eating my daily allotment of calories, increasing my sodium, decreasing water, eating bread and potatoes and more fats and going to bed earlier.

This is a pretty good article discussing most of the things I'm doing.  I am also monitoring my body temperature to try and bring it up to normal.   

After only a few days I was feeling really good.  I decided to do a short work out which again tanked me out for several days.  I've learned my lesson hopefully.  No more working out till the end of the month!  Resting is really hard with three kids and I do wish I could just suck down some coffee and go but I've reached a point where I cannot go any more.  I hope to be feeling significantly better before school starts.